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                                                                    JOE DIRT BIO

Self made Record Producer and Record Executive Joe Dirt, founder and current CEO of Rich House Productions has had a passion

for music since he was a young boy. Growing up amongst musicians, he realized early that he loved the sound of music. Not having any instruments of his own he would use his family‚Äôs kitchen table in Puerto Rico as a platform, day after day starting at a young age creating beats. Being raised in a low income family where his mother had to struggle just to make ends meet, Joe Dirt knew the one thing that always kept him at ease was music, in any form. Creating the sound gave him tranquility. Even while growing up, while living through the rough neighborhoods and problems that appeared, his passion never faded away. He started playing random instruments in Church, at school and at different youth organizations. Joe Dirt found the ability to play instruments instantly. Without any formal training while growing up, he was always asked to play at local functions. Even while attending church, playing drums always seemed to be a daily routine. 

Throughout several years, Joe Dirt started making beats on a small piano, then started recorded himself as well as others on an old microphone that barely worked, but somehow it sounded good. He was mixing songs together day after day. Creating his own beats while placing his recorded music exactly how it should be. Dr. Dre was and has always been a role model for him. He had always been a perfectionist so that was something he always strived for and excepted nothing less. He started purchasing everything for his work station which over the years turned into his studio. 

After multiple recordings and his passion to succeed he founded Rich House Productions. He showcased his Artists at the main stage at the First Annual Cuban Festival in Chicago, has created multiple albums and has Produced multiple East and West Coast artists including Taj Mahal, SoundBoy & Get Gwop and has worked with Inspectah Deck, Capone & Noriega. Joe Dirt went to the east coast and recruited different artists to be a part of his own compilation album, recorded at Quad Studios which was released in 2012 and hosted his own Showcase at SOB's in New York City. He has recorded at multiple studios both locally and out of state including the famous Goblin Studios in Queens, NY with Spent D'Nero, recorded at Vibe Land Studios with Critical Child and Signature Studios with Ron-Lo. He has been featured in Flavor Magazine along with Usher, Waka Flaka, Chris Brown and many others and has been interviewed by Ron-Lo and Terrance with Flavor Radio and Core DJ's own DJ Eleazar on Hitting Hard Radio. Joe has made Beats and won badges for the hottest Billboard Proven Sounds. Two-time Oscar Nominee and Grammy Award Winner George Belle has said he "loves to work and record with Joe Dirt because perfection is a must and that is exactly what you get". Joe has continued to compose, record and produce local artists, Church and Youth Groups along with heading his Band, Divisible Rhythms that includes the famous Will Crosby, Linard Stroud, Alearse Alfalo, Tim Benson, Tony Castillo, Malcom & George Belle.

As Will Crosby said, "Joe has the best ear for music". He has worked side by side with Will on various projects and they look forward to heading the band in a new direction. He is working with Internationally known Tim Benson on his new album and has released the single "Like Beyonce". He is also working with Buddy McClain and has just remixed his single "Looking The Best", while working with Frank Cardona with IYA Promotions and the Bully Bros World known DJ's Tre Unda & Jack Da Rippa while becoming the Official Chicago Producer for the famous Lydia Harris.

Joe Dirt takes Pride in his work and everything he creates. In his own words, "Music is what feelings sound like".